The #1 Thermal Imaging
Solution in the Marketplace

With thousands of devices sold, our proprietary combination of thermal Imaging solution technology, localized applications, advanced analytics, HiTrust Compliant Cloud-Based Platform, and 24×7 support is the ultimate solution. CERTIFY will help your organization return from this pandemic and reduce customer and staff anxieties.


With HiTrust, ISO 27001 & HIPAA Compliance, CERTIFY values our customers’ security, a high standard our competitors can’t beat.


Certify SnapXT accurately measures an individual’s temperature in less than a second.


CERTIFY provides a plethora of customizable experiences that can be selected and managed from the Cloud or from the SnapXT Device with just one touch.

Sub-Second Thermal Imaging Solution

CERTIFY’s solution achieves a fast, accurate, and secure thermal Imaging in less then one second. The SnapXT device works both online & offline.

Customizable COVID-19 Questionnaires

SnapXT offers the ability to customize questionnaires, which is incredibly useful for managing health in the COVID-19 era. Questionnaires can be sent out daily and can be personalized based upon user member type.

Trusted by Organizations Large and Small

Organizations of every size, shape and kind have already made CERTIFY their preferred choice.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock


“We truly feel this new technology will ensure that they are able to stay, play, and work safely at our resort – destination.”


Joe Lupo

President, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino


Susan Gage Caterers

Susan Gage Caterers



“Each CERTIFY provides our employees with a sense of ease, coming to work knowing all of their coworkers are healthy.”


Chappall Gage

President, Susan Gage Caterers





“Having the SnapXT inside our building sends a message to everyone that we care about our employees.”


Steven Spurr

Katech President



“I want to keep my students safe that’s why SnapXT is in my school. Fast, accurate, and touchless that’s pretty cool. I would say the SnapXT is a black belt machine, a black belt device.”


Fernando Yamasaki

Owner Yamasaki Academy

Ocean casino resort

Ocean casino resort


“Once you get scanned by the SnapXT, you immediately get a sense of safety, knowing all of the employees are feeling healthy in the building that day.”


Al Parker

Director of Facilites

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